5 Things Neighbors’ Houses Can Tell You About Your Own

May 3, 2019Sellers

Thinking about selling? Check out the comparable homes (“comps”) in your area, because they can tell you so much about what to expect if you list your own house.

How Unique Your Home Is

Are there 10 other homes of a similar size, with similar features from the same year for sale in your neighborhood? Then prepare yourself to price competitively – or risk your home potentially sitting on the market for longer than you’d like. But if your home is the only one of its kind, you may move quickly.

What Buyers Want

See what amenities are getting top dollar. If you have them, make them a key part of your marketing.

Asking Prices vs. Reality

The listing price is just that… a listing price. See what homes are actually selling for to better set your expectations.

Market Temperature

How long are houses in your neighborhood sitting on the market? Days on market statistics will help you refine your asking price.

What Not to Do

Find homes near you that aren’t selling, then figure out why. See what missteps neighbors may have made in their homes or their listing strategy, and make sure to avoid those same mistakes!

Susie Foote

Broker Associate

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